Why do Keller Williams Agents make MORE money than their peers?

KW's commitment to fairness is most evident in its capped commission structure, which allows agents to keep 100% of their commission checks once they pay their yearly "fair share," an amount that is predetermined based on yearly office expenses. This policy is very popular among KW's experienced, top-producing agents, who appreciate not having to pick up the slack for less-skilled agents.


Spread the word and create a stream of passive income! In keeping with the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders in the success of the business, Keller Williams Realty has created a distinct profit sharing program in which approximately 50 percent of every market center’s profits every month are returned to those who have contributed to a market center’s growth by attracting productive associates to the office. To date, 14 Keller Williams associates have earned more than $1 million in profit share and fully 23,769 associates are participating in the profit share program. In addition, after 3 years at KW, your "downline" is secured and you will continue earning money from agents you have recruited no matter where life takes you. This can even provide a steady stream of income for retirement.

KW has its own multiple listing service comprised only of KW agents, giving them an easy way to browse listings and agents within Keller Williams. With over 90,000 associates within the KW family, it's easy to find the perfect agent to send your important client referrals to. The KW referral network is exclusive to KW agents and can be accessed online, over the phone, or in person.


Building your own team is easy with Keller Williams. Support, training and coaching systems are in place to help agents increase their productivity and profitability by developing a first-class team. KW is the only national brokerage that offers proven training programs for team builders. If you're looking to grow your team, KW is the place for you.


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