A career in Real Estate is fulfilling, challenging, exciting, financially rewarding and lots of fun! If you're thinking about a career change and are interested in finding out more about a profession in Real Estate, we can help! Click here to make an appointment with Linda Chen and discuss your options.  

A state-certified license is required to practice Real Estate. Most states have both online and traditional classroom courses that you can take. After completing a state-recognized Real Estate course which usually takes less than 6 weeks, you must pass a state exam to receive your license. A Real Estate Agent "hangs" his or her license with a broker like Keller Williams and can then begin work. If you'd like more information about Real Estate Schools in the area, click here We'd love to help!


Once you have your Real Estate License, continuing education is regularly required by the state to renew your license. State mandated continuing education may be done through your MLS board, Real Estate School or other avenues. Keller Williams also provides its own form of continuing education to help agents better themselves and their businesses. With online and classroom training on a variety of subjects, Keller Williams agents are definitely not lacking in the tools they need to succeed! Click here for more information about Keller Williams Training programs.

Keller Williams also provides group and private coaching for those who need that extra push in the right direction. You can view some of the coaching opportunities available to KW agents here or contact Linda Chen directly at (516) 873-7100 for more information.